My Inspirations

Making my Inspiration list public to let others know what inspires me every day to keep moving and learning. Following peoples are not just inspirations but virtual mentors and motivators. I learn from their stories and failures every single day.

Evan You
I always take inspiration from Evan's work. He is the software developer and the creator of Vue.js. Evan once applied for the job at Facebook. He got rejected in whiteboard programming test and now he is the creator of a most starred frontend framework. Thanks to Facebook.

Adam Wathan
Adam is a full-stack developer and entrepreneur. He is the avid learner and the creator of Tailwind CSS and currently working on Tailwind UI. He is also running Full Stack Radio on which every episode, Adam is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product designing and user experience to unit testing and system administration.

Quincy Larson
Quincy Larson is the founder of Free Code Camp. A community of millions who learn to code together. He is the reason behind my first open-source contribution.

Flavio Copes
Flavio is the author of nine programming books. He is involved in software development since the nineties. He is now the full-time blogger where he shares his knowledge in tutorials and courses. I am a big fan of his writing which inspired me to start blogging and a weekly newsletter.

Nathan Wu
Nathan is not very much active in the community but his books really helped me to get a better understanding of Laravel and Vue. His writing style is very friendly and concise that anyone can easily understand the concepts. Read my review about Nathan book at here, here and here.

Asfandiyar Khan
Asfandiyar is the only person in this list whom I got a chance to meet. Asfand started programming at the early stage of his life and currently, he is working as a full-stack developer at 1&1 IONOS. He is a self-taught developer and the inspiration behind my coding in JavaScript.

Daniyal Ranjha
Daniyal was my first employer who guided me the career I am in. He was a security engineer at Amazon and currently, he is the founder and CEO of Foretheta and I am the security software engineer at Foretheta.

Peter Yaworski
Peter is a self-taught developer and the author of Web Hacking 101 which extremely helped me to get hands-on Web Application Security.

Badar Khushnood
I attended the live talk of Badar about Digital Disruptions and from that day I am learning from him. He is from Pakistan and he worked as a country consultant with Google, Twitter and Facebook. He is currently the co-founder of Bramerz.

Natalia Tepluhina
Natalia is the core team member of Vue.js. Her talk about GraphQL & Apollo in Vue at JS Conf Armenia cleared all my doubts about GraphQL and she is the inspiration from that day.

Sarah Drasner
She is also the core team member of Vue.js. She is very active in the Vue community. I truly admire her work. She has over more than fifteen years of experience in web development. I have following her for a long time and she is literally frontend master.

Mårten Mickos
I am a huge fan of Mårten's work and his leadership. A former CEO of MySQL AB which then developed MySQL. He is currently the CEO of HackerOne. He also runs School of Herring where he writes and shares about Leadership.

That's not the all but I will stop there. I will update the list accordingly. Let me know in the comments who is your inspiration in your career and your life.

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