Why I Started Blogging?

Journaling and Blogging give me the feeling of "Program compiled successfully". In this busy world, no one likes to read very long phrases of theory on a single topic while it can be short and concise. I am not against the long phrases otherwise no one will be able to read the books.

When I research on a specific topic, Often times I come up with the articles wherever I just needed the accurate details about the context while understanding the point of it. So what I often do is go through the complete article. I got the solution but I lose my rhythm and now I have to push my mind back to the initial case which results in losing focus. According to research, It takes 23 minutes to refocus after you get distracted. As a programmer, most of the times we have to think and every time we lose focus we have to process all again which is definitely nobody wants to. Most of the blogs covering the context which is out of the scope of what the user is trying to achieve in short amount of time.

Here it comes the opportunity for me to write the articles which are easily understandable by beginners and professionals about the topic. I like to read accurate and to the point articles and that is what I want to cover in this blog. Posts will be understandable in just one go. Also, I don't want to make them over more than five minutes read.

Apart from that, I like to share my experience, my learnings and whatever I know about software engineering, web development and security and that's why I started weekly newsletter and blogging.

It feels brilliant to get a good wish from someone who inspired you to start blogging

I believe everyone will get the benefit of easily digestible, concise and straight forward content from this blog.

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